Should Real Estate Agents attend the Home Inspection?  Of course! It’s a part of your job! Agents have a significant influence when negotiating and closing real estate transactions. They should be just as informed as the home buyer. The most reliable resource a Buyer has is his/her agent. It’s the Real Estate Agent’s responsibility to best represent the Buyer and to help negotiate with the Seller on behalf of their client.  

We welcome having Real Estate Agents as part of our team to complete the task of educating both the Buyer and Seller of the house. We are happy to answer any questions that agents have about the home and the completeness of our inspection. Remember, we are an impartial third-party representative, but it is very important to us that everyone understands the content of the Home Inspection Report.

The purpose of the Home Inspection Report is not to be alarming, but informative and factual.  It is not the Home Inspectors’ job to provide any opinions about whether to buy the home or not, only to report what we have observed and the next steps for further evaluation, or repair if the solution is obvious.

Also, don’t forget that we can also assist your clients via A MOVE-IN-CERTIFIED® Inspection and REPAIRS VERIFICATION Inspection, resulting in a more accurate pricing strategy, a more attractive deal to your prospective Buyer, and will smooth out negotiations resulting in a shorter sale cycle.


If you or your agency is in the business of “flipping” houses or need professional assistance with construction projects, we can help.  Evergreen Pro can provide the support you need to keep your project within budget and on schedule.  We would like to opportunity to become a trusted advisor to help you become more profitable!

  • Constructability and Design Review
  • Project Management
  • Scope Definition
  • Subcontract and Vendor Solicitation
  • Bid and Estimate Review
  • On-site Supervision
  • Scheduling and Coordination
  • Quality Control and Specification Compliance