Make no bones about it – Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Our goal is to make the home inspection process easy to understand so that you can relax. Home inspections are a necessary part of any real estate transaction, intended to benefit both the Buyer and the Seller!

A home inspection is a perfect opportunity for you as the buyer to learn about the condition of the home or property that you are considering investing in. It’s important to know if there are issues with major components or systems of the home that need attention.

Hiring a professional Home Inspector provides you immediate access to the expert knowledge from someone that can provide you a deeper understanding of the home you are considering requires major repairs or basic maintenance issues that need to be addressed.


We encourage you to come to the Home Inspection and participate; be a part of the team. We will explain and clarify the Home Inspection Process on the fly for you in real-time.  The peace of mind you gain by joining our team will enable you to better negotiate necessary repairs and price.


Our Professional Home Inspection Reports are easy to understand and follow. The report outlines all issues identified in the inspection, prioritize their level of severity, and provide clear instructions on how to fix or repair, or next actions that must be assessed by a qualified contractor.   The Home Inspection Report is the tool that you can bring to the table to negotiate with the Seller and their Agent.


Don’t be alarmed if your Home Inspector finds systems or components that need repair or service. This is normal. No home is perfect. Don’t kill your deal just because issues were found. Sometimes these are in your favor and you can ask for a credit.  Most issues that are found will be minor and only need to be properly maintained and cost very little to either replace or repair. You can negotiate all of these types of issues with the Seller. Trust what your realtor advises you to do. Be reasonable and don’t expect too much. Keep in mind the purpose of a home inspection is to identify major issues such as structural repairs, systems that are not operational, or safety concerns. Whatever repairs are made, make sure that the seller hires qualified, licensed contractors. This will ensure that the repairs will be of good quality.  You may opt to make some of the repairs yourself.